good advice

A creative consultant

With this service, we can be what you need. A sparring partner in the initial phase, where input, good ideas and creative solutions will be of great help to move forward, or we can come in as an advisor for a project that has stagnated or not worked optimally. At other times, you need new eyes on the operation, to find out how to change or develop products and services.

We are happy to take on the job of preparing strategies and plans for branding and identity, and preparing a plan for marketing and communication. We see the big picture, and the solutions you didn’t know existed… yet.

Increased presence

A supplement to the marketing team, or perhaps simply the new marketing team? A helping hand can be good to have for most people. Many companies have well-established marketing teams, but may still need extra material, or something new from time to time. Others have no marketing teams at all, but still need help. We are well used to both, and adapt to the situation each time. This is what we call a creative consultant. By using an external company as help, we believe that you get to use your time efficiently, get more honest feedback, and with that better results.

PR, advertising, marketing, communication, promotion – call it what you want. It is always about increased visibility, a strengthened brand and good communication. Tell us what you want done.


Scandiqual PIRKS is a specially developed product from Adrenalin Media. This is aimed at customers in the tourism and accommodation industry, and is a new tool in marketing work. Scandiqual can help you discover the connection between the customer’s expectations and the product you actually deliver. Is the quality and brand what you think you are, or are you communicating something else? Is there a connection between presentation and actual product? How is the visibility in social media, and on the web in general?

By using Scandiqual PIRQS reports, you get an overview of how presentation, information, routines, quality and service are experienced by the end user. Is there dissonance between the product you deliver and the product you communicate? The report will answer these questions and give you an overlook and a new tool to use in the marketing work of your business.

Let us check your brand communication


Do you want to know more, or would you like to book time for a meeting with us? Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your company.

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