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New times

Adrenalin Media are specialists in developing new concepts. Do you have wishes or plans to develop a new product or service, or are you involved in tourism and destination development? We know what it takes for your venture to be successful, attract people and attention, and become a market leader. Let us be part of the development phase of your new concept.














Products & Services

Do you want to create a new product, or become a provider of a new service? Or maybe the product already exists, but in a different form? We can help develop the concept from the idea phase. Adrenalin Media has been involved in creating many new concepts, and can provide useful input and advice along the way. We know what is needed for your project to be realised, and what is required for the process to be as flexible as possible. Take us on board when you create something new.

We know the process

It is not always easy to start from scratch. There are many things that must be taken into consideration before creating something new, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Adrenalin Media knows the steps in the process, all the way from the idea on paper to the finished product ready for the customer. We have a strong focus on how you can reach the customer group in the best way, and which trends are relevant to take into account. As usual, sustainability is a key word we emphasize in everything we do.

We know the market

By including us in the process, important details are not forgotten which are difficult to correct later. We ensure that your new concept has its own legs to stand on, and that it becomes a comprehensive product with a strong identity and clear communication. Design profile and marketing are elements we have control over, and create a concept with a good story and good marketability. Of course, we also make a plan for how the concept will reach out from day one, but also have the opportunity to grow in the future.

Tourism & Destination Development

The tourism industry is an industry characterized by trends, but also by expectations of high quality. Are you planning to develop a new product in tourism, or are you developing an entire destination? Then you should have a chat with us. Adrenalin Media has extensive experience in tourism and knows what the end user expects, but also what challenges often arise for the developer. We see the issue from both sides, and help create a sustainable and attractive product, also for the future.

We know the target group

We know what people want and how they want it. This extends over a wide spectrum and includes everything from culture and art to activities for the whole or part of the family. Here, with our creative consultants, we can help shape your destination, resort or activity to become a visible, popular and sustainable product. We give you an overview of what is needed and can help you along the way, with input and tips for implementation and completion.

We know the developers

Good concepts don’t grow on trees, which is exactly why you should take us on board. We can provide input for creative solutions and have a sustainable mindset for the future. Passion and inclusion are therefore important to us when we are to help develop a new era. It must be sustainable in every way – for nature and the environment, for the permanent residents, for the finances of the project and for the visitors. Ripple effects, planning and implementation are steps on the path we know well.














Do you want to know more, or would you like to book a meeting with us? Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your company.

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